UPDATE: Due to the lockdown introduced on the 5th January, we’ve now introduced the option to buy a food package online and enter the raffle that way. Please see the raffle product here.

An Open Letter to the NSS Family

Hi NSS Family! Welcome to 2021! Happy New Year!

Firstly, a quick thank you for following us, born during COVID after a year of planning on commuter trains, you, the NSS family have allowed us to grow into the business we have become. I wouldn’t be sat here writing this on New Year’s Day if we weren’t grateful to every single one of you who follow, like, comment, share, repost, shoutout and pass on the word, to #StayFreshWithNSS.

We’re Northern lads, conscious of our surroundings and the conditions our community finds itself in. We’ve always been a team with a deep community spirit and normally we contribute in our own ways, individually and as a team.

One of the most important items on our agenda when NSS was born, was to expand our team and take the NSS Family with us on our journey.

The first NSS Campaign we wanted to present to you is the #NSSFoodDrive. Working closely with a local Non-Profit: Noor Food Bank. We wanted the first campaign to be something that supports and lifts our own community as they say, “charity begins at home”. Noor Food Bank aim to feed the people who need it the most and have made a huge impact in our local community in Preston helping to feed the most vulnerable in society.

As this is our first campaign, we wanted to make it a little special for you. You know we love being extra! Each contribution will receive a raffle ticket and we will draw a raffle number. The blessed ticket will receive a free pair of Yeezy 350’s (Carbon, Israfil or Zyon) in their size, the box will be signed as a thank you from both the NSS and Noor Food Bank team!

Whilst it will be this post and story you share; we want the focus to remain on Noor Food Bank and other organisations who have been holding communities together. Raffle tickets will be awarded as follows*:

  • Single tins and packets of dry food – 2 raffle tickets.
  • Four pack (or more of tins or other dry foods – 5 raffle tickets.
  • A bundle of mixed toiletries (including sanitary products) – 8 raffle tickets.

*please feel free to create your own care packages. Let us remember, the main aim of this campaign is to raise much needed supplies for our Community.

How to take part

  1. Do your shop! Find your item(s) you want to donate.
  2. DM us to arrange collection / drop off. Given the recent developments with COVID, safety precautions will be taken, and we advise these are kept contactless. Please can you prepare your items in plastic bags, tied and fastened. If you are not local to us, feel free to DM us with what you want to purchase, and we can purchase on your behalf.
  3. We will record your entries against your Instagram handle, please include your full name when you DM us. If you change your handle, do let us know or we may not be able to find you.
  4. The #NSSFoodDrive begins now, and will end on Sunday the 31st of January, the raffle will take place shortly after this date. The winner must be following us (@NorthernSoleSupply) on Instagram.
  5. Share with family, friends, pets, random, let’s take over and spam everyone – let’s start 2021 looking after our own! Tag as many people as you want in the comments, share the posts and stories!

#NoorFoodBank #NSSFoodDrive